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In 2015, Dion and Gabrielle Ott opened Tamali'i Polynesian Entertainment to be a dance school and operate the LLC in Mesa and Chandler, AZ. They teach and choreograph Polynesian dances for children and adults. They also incorporate cultural lessons and activities within each program to contribute to the perpetuation of island culture. The dance school performs annually in a showcase called "Fiafia Night". They also perform for festivals in and out of state, such as the Arizona Aloha Festival, the Island Reggae Festival in San Jose, California, and the Pure Aloha Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.


In 2019, Dion and Gabrielle hosted the first Siva Samoa Workshop of its kind in the United States and sponsored Tatau Manaia from Auckland, New Zealand who shared their knowledge, skill, and expertise in the art of Samoan dance and its history. This event was free to the public. It was featured on Channel 12 News and went live on ABC Family. From then on, this experience led Tamali'i to continue conducting Siva Samoa (Samoan dance) workshops. It is one of Dion and Gabrielle's favorite dance ventures. They enjoy meeting new people, fellowshipping, and sharing their passion for Siva Samoa with different communities and organizations.


Dion and Gabrielle understand that for Polynesian cultures to remain living cultures, the languages, customs, values, dance, art, and song must be carried on. Because of this, they aim for their students to grow in their cultural identities, find ways to contribute to their community, love and serve their families, and have a firm foundation in faith. 

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