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Tamali’i Polynesian Entertainment began in 1996 as a family luau show by Totoe and Aimee Moea'i. They performed locally for birthday parties, weddings, and other celebrations. 5


In 2015 their daughter, Gabrielle, and her husband, Dion Ott, opened Tamali'i to be a dance school. They operate the LLC, choreograph and teach children and adults various styles of Polynesian dance. They prepare annually for their performance at the Arizona Aloha Festival in Tempe and still perform locally for hire. Additionally, Tamali'i has performed at the Island Reggae Festival in San Jose, California, and at the Pure Aloha Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Dion and Gabrielle firmly believe that one of the best ways to instill Polynesian values, customs, and language to those residing in the U.S. is through Polynesian dance and song.